N.KO machines

N.KO MACHINES – a prominent world manufacturer of premium quality high efficient bevelling systems. The N.KO Machines’ bevellers are among the world’s best. They are known for their premium quality and very favourable price. The bevelling machines and tools are made just from European and American components. The N.KO Machines’ bevellers bring an innovation and a new revolutionary solution in the sphere of bevelling systems.


  • UZ-15 RAPID


  • B-2 AIR
  • B-3
  • B-5
  • B-10 ELECTRA
  • B-15 ELECTRA
  • B-15 AIR
  • B-22 ZERO
  • B-DOCK + B-10 Electra
  • B-DOCK + B-15 Electra


  • Magnetic sweeper
  • Cutter ECO for UZ-12
  • Cutter PVD for UZ-12
  • Cutter ECO for UZ-15
  • Cutter PVD for UZ-15
  • Cutter PREMIUM UZ-15
  • Cutter ECO for UZ-29
  • Cutter PVD for UZ-29

G-line – special belt grinder developed for surface grinding applications:

  • Pasovec Runner 75

All models of bevelers differ one from one:

  • The principle of beveling:
    • milling – with robotic edge-milling machines, the edge is milled, in this way, by the working body, the milling head is made with changeable carbide plates. Replacing the cutting plates is simple and stinks visibly cheap.
    • chipping – for an edge processing machine, the working body is a disk cutter that cuts off the chamfer. This type of cutter can be sharpened several times.
  • The quality of the chamfered: when chipping, the quality of the edge finish is slightly lower than when milling
  • Processing speed, which is higher for beveling models
  • Noise level: beveling machines are much quieter than beveling machines

Edge cutting equipment with automatic feed will provide:

  • independent movement through the letter without the participation of the operator
  • the possibility of smooth adjustment of the chamfer angle
  • processing of the lower edge without the laborious turning of the sheet

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