Beybi Plastik, operates in sales and marketing areas for personal protective work-safety gloves, production and sales of examination gloves, sterile surgical gloves and medical disposables products, since its establishment in 1949 until now. With more than 1000 qualified personnel, with Turkey’s first and only local vinyl examination gloves factory, with 45.000m2 closed area located in Bursa Kestel, with 30.000m2 closed production area located in Istanbul Dudullu which is also the headquarter, provides service to the national economy.

Beybi, being the first Turkish company receiving TSE Manufacturing Qualification in 1987 and TS EN ISO 9002 Quality Guarantee System in 1996, has confirmed its reliability internationally by gaining CE ( Conformity of Europe) in 2004.

Continuing its leading role in the industry with ISO 9001 Management of Quality, ISO 14001 Management of Environment, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 10002 Management of Customer Satisfaction, ISO 27001 Security of Information Management, ISO 13485 Medical Devices Management and ISO 50001 System of Energy Management and with R&D center, Beybi satisfies today’s requirements with the latest technology and with top quality and service concept, invests in human capital which is constantly changing and developing in business area, and customer reliationships and corporate solutions.

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